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Saturday, February 16 at 7:00 pm

Sunday, February 17 9 at 2:30 pm



St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

201 E Nolte Street

Seguin, TX 78155


Act I


On a July afternoon, the widowed Bailiff rehearses his children in a Christmas carol, as his friends Schmidt and Johann laugh about the early song preparations. Charlotte, the Bailiff's eldest daughter, joins them in the garden, greeted eagerly by her brothers and sisters. She is to attend a ball that evening. In the absence of her fiancé, Albert, her escort is to be a young visiting poet, Werther.

Werther arrives to meet Charlotte, and is immediately taken with her. The Bailiff explains that since his wife’s death, Charlotte has been the caretaker for her younger siblings.

After the ball, Werther walks Charlotte home in the moonlight. He praises her devotion to her family and her beauty. As he passionately declares his love, Charlotte recalls the promise which she made to her dying mother: that she would marry Albert. In spite of his despair, Werther encourages Charlotte, whom he deems to be the “angel of duty,” not to break her promise.


Act II


The town gathers to celebrate the pastor’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. Albert and Charlotte have been married for three months.

Although outwardly Werther expresses his friendship to Albert, inwardly he is tormented by his love for Charlotte and bitter at her marriage, which keeps them apart. When Charlotte has a moment alone with Werther, she firmly reminds him of her duties as a wife. Seeing his anguish at her words, she asks him to leave town for a time, perhaps until Christmas. As Charlotte leaves, her sister Sophie gently reprimands Werther for lingering behind the procession. Paying her no heed, Werther rushes away, declaring that he is leaving and will not return. Sophie, confused and upset by his declaration, reports back to Charlotte and Albert. Albert considers the poet's behavior, and comes to the realization that Werther is in love with Charlotte.




It is Christmas Eve. Charlotte, unable to forget Werther, reads through all the letters which he has sent her; in the last one, he hinted at suicide. Grief overcomes her, and she prays for strength.

Suddenly, Werther appears. They recall the beautiful times they had together. His passion intensifies, and he embraces Charlotte to kiss her. In a panic, she sends him away, saying they must never meet again. 

Albert comes home to find Charlotte agitated and distraught, and suspects that her emotions are due to Werther's return. A servant brings a note from Werther, asking to borrow Albert’s pistols. Upset, Albert makes Charlotte hand the pistols to the messenger, then goes to his room.

Act IV


Charlotte rushes to Werther’s lodgings, where she finds him in his study, mortally wounded. She declares her love for him, and begs him to forgive her for choosing Duty over Love. As they embrace, he dies in her arms.

                                                                     by Amy Selby and Dottie Randall

Cast List

Richard Novak


Alisha Bade


Saturday, February 16

Amy Selby


Bruce Cain

Le Bailli

Leo Garcia


Thomas Soto

Werther (cover)

Jennifer Quintero


Sunday, February 17

Jeremiah Drake


Zachary Thomas Newman

Schmidt / Brühlmann

Valeria Hernandez




We are excited to collaborate with the Seguin High School Matador Choir for this production of Werther. The students will portray "les enfants," or, the children. The named characters are the children of Le Bailli, and the rest of the chorus will portray the townspeople and other their children.







Oliver Bowles
Sirena Vela

Logan Medrano

Ellie Follis

Baylee Blankenship

Agar Huanca

Natalie Akins

Anna Busskohl

Camirynne Coleman

Autumn Hart

Kayla Hinton
Ash Johnson

Kelsi Plunkett

Bailey Pollard

Karienne Rios


Kristin Roach


Leo Garcia

Chorus Master/

Assistant Conductor 

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